* Bags for storage of 22.68 kg
LLC KRASNODARAGROALYANS offers corn grain for popcorn in bags weighing 22.68 kg of grades of "Medium Yellow", "Premium", "CA" and also in packings on 500 g grades the Grade of "Medium Yellow" for house preparation.

** Packages 500 гр 
For preparation of popcorn in house conditions, LLC KRASNODARAGROALYANS offers the packed-up grain in packings  500gr.

*** Storage conditions
To obtain high-quality popcorn, it is very important to follow all storage conditions of popcorn, both in closed and in open bags. Popcorn must be stored in dry, well-ventilated pest-free stocks following all sanitary rules. Opened bag is recomended to process within 2-3 weeks under normal storage conditions (darkened space, stable humidity, temperature not higher than 16 ° C). Experation: 24 months, from the production date indicated on the package.