Corn plant

Popcorn is a separate type of corn, requiring special preliminary preparation.  The processing and storage procedure starts with complete purification of corn grain, coming   from the field,   with laying next into silos bins, where maintaining   necessary moisture rates. After-all it goes through another one purification procedure and three stages of special preparation before packing.  Popcorn is packed  both in three-layer paper bags, with a polyethylene interlayer , weighing 22.68 kg (50 pounds), and,  in plastic bags weighing 0.5 and 0.2 kg for home cooking.

Each popcorn shipment must be tested not only in the plant laboratory, but also  both in Federal appraisal center of grain safety and quality, and also in laboratory of Federal phytosanitary supervision.

The system of testing each batch of products  guarantees a constant high quality standard with the indicators sometimes surpassing the standards of the import popcorn. Numerous tests regularly confirm compliance of the plant requirements to norms and standards of the largest processors of popcorn in the USA.