About us


KRASNODAR AGROALYANS Company was founded in 1996, with participation of foreign investors. We're the first and the only enterprise in Russia, growing, processeing and packing popcorn. Our company has been successfully working on the market of agricultural products for more than 20 years.
KAGRO has established itself as The Producer and Supplier of the high quality popcorn. Our product goes through a very serious longterm procedure, including effectively organized agricultural growing process and modern management. We have successfully brought together more than 100 highly qualified specialists,  who sincerely love and carry about their work. 

We pay special attention to the quality of the products we make. Our crops are processed according to the most modern requirements, using world-leading agricultural machinery, such as John Deere. Sowing areas are irrigated by controlled irrigation systems, considering the peculiarities of the crops grown.                      
The company has a unique and the only corn processing plant in Russia equipped with modern high-tech equipment. Thus, we produce high-quality products that can compete with the world 's most famous brands. Our popcorn grain meets all the quality requirements, does not have genetically modified organisms, as confirmed by the relevant Test Reports and Compliance Certificates.
We are proud that during its existence KRASNODAR AGROALYANS has taken a worthy place among the leading Russian producers of agricultural products. Thanks to our partners, we have achieved today 's success, and are going to develop it further.